Wednesday 11:00am~12:30pm (Open Class)
Tuesday 1:00pm~2:30pm (Basic Class:Samgakji)
Thursday 1:00pm~2:30pm (Instructor Class)
Workshop Instructor Kauanoeanuhea (Occasional) If you would like to know the schedule of Workshop, please sign up to Official LINE by using the QR code on the left.)

Only 10,000 won for one trial lesson
If you wants to try one class, please feel free to cotact us at anytime! One time trial is 10,000won per person
Are you interested to lean Hula, but worry if you like it? Come join us as trial and see if you like it!
After the special trial, if you would like to take class without sign-up with us, it will be 20,000won/class.
If you sign-up with us, you can get special price.

Beginner Class (Currently we don't have)
Adults and teens new to Hula start in this class. They learn basics while others are practicing newer numbers. No prior hula experience is required.

Open Class for All Level
All level students can join this class. You can learn and improve more by dancing with other level students.

Basic Class
Adult and teens who has Hula experience for over one year is welcome to join this class. Youʻll learn not only Hula but also history, backgrond and culture of Hawaii.

Intermediate Class
Adult and teens who wants to start instructor training within 2year. In this class, youʻll learn Kahiko and Hawaiian Language including the hidden meaning of Mele.

Instructor Class
Hula class only for invited students. We'll learn much deeper Hula history, Hawaiian history, advanced level Hula Kahiko and Auana, and even Hawaiian Language.

Private Lesson 200,000won / 2 hours lesson
We offer Private lesson. Depend on what you request, but we normally teach one song.
If you would like to dance Hula for your wedding, or friend wedding it would be perfect! Also, if you would like to concentrate for technique, we can forcus to improve your Hula steps and Hand motions.

Group Lesson 300,000 won / 2 hours lesson
We offer group leson for Maximum 15 people per class. (If its more than 15 people, it will cost 20,000won per extra person.) If you would like to Dance Hula for event with group of people, this would be perfect. Please consult what song is appropriate.

Class Schedule Calender
Please check monthly schedule with this calender!
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