Aloha Kolea 2017 Events on Jun 24th
We are going to perform for "Aloha Kolea 2017" event on Jun 24th. For Time and Place, please check below link.
Naver News

Basic/Intermediate Class Schedule Change only in Jun
Due to Studio schedule, our Basic/Intermediate class which regulary on Tue, changed to Wed only in Jun. Please check the calender, and send me a EMail if you have any question! Sorry for your inconvenience. Mahalo

Class Schedule Change
Our Huls class schedule will be change from 2017 Jan.The Monday 11:00am class is going to be OPEN Class, so the everybody can join. Also, the Monday 1:00pm class will be closed. Tuesday 7:15pm class will be keep as beginner class. Please keep attention for latest update!

Thrsday 7:15pm class moves to Tuesday 7:15pm from May!!
Due to our studio schedule, we need to move our Thr 7:15pm class to Tue 7:15pm. Iʻm so sorry for the inconvenience! The first class is 5/3 Tue 7:15pm. Looking forward to seeing you on Tue!

Kumu Pattye Kealohalani Wright is coming to Korea!!!!!

Our Instructor's Kumu is coming from Hawaii!! You can learn the Hula which you can only learn in Hawaii, even you are in Korea. This is really rare opportunity if you live outside in Hawaii. Also we'll have Ka'imilani as Alaka'i who is titled Ho'opa'a (One step before Kumu) this time, and her avility to descrive how to move body is far beyond!! We'll learn the song apropriate for any level, so please do not hesitate to take this workshop!
Workshop Detail

One part of "Kailua-Where the trade wind blow-" is available
Now you can watch one part of "Kailua-Where the trade wind blow-" on YouTube.
Beginner class and Basic class both learned this song, but Basic class learned with DOWN, which needs more technique. Great Job! everyone! Watch Video

We made Kahili Pa'a Lima with Kumu Herman
It took whole day to make Kahili Pa'a Lima, Great experience! Thank you very much Kumu Herman to come teach us all the way from San Francisco and Hawaii!

10/17(Sat)Kahili Pa'a Lima Workshop
The Feather Art specialist Kumu Herman is coming to Korea to teach us "How to make Kahili Pa'a Lima"!
Kahili is the symbol of Ali'i and we oftenly see it by pictures. We'll make Kahili by this workshop, and learn Hula by using Kahili in the future class!

Regulations to attend class
We have Regulations to attend class, which we ask every students who learn Hula with us. We would like to make you feel comfortable taking our classes. Everyone should take class without worring anything. It is small rules, but it's huge! Pleae take a look at it!
Regulations to attend class

Kauanoeanuhea by Mon Class is available to watch
This song has same name as our instructor, and her Kumu coreographed just for her.... Monday class learned this and now it's available on YouTube. Maika'i~Everyone!!

Aloha Kaua'i by Monday Class
We take video each time we finished one song. By watching how you dance, you can recognize what you could do and what you couldn't. You can check yourself and set your Goal again. Also, when you forgot Choreography, you can always go back and check.

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