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Thank you for visit KoreaHula.com. My name is Kauanoeanuhea, Hula instractor of KoreaHula.com. My mission is share true Hwaiian culture such as Hula, History and Hawaiian Language. You don't need to worry about your body at all. You don't need to be flexible as Ballet Dancer. You can still dance beautiful Hula!

[Pattye Kealohalani Wright]
I received approval as Hula instractor from my Kumu Hula Pattye Kealohalani Wright. Kumu Pattye is the person who has Hula Halau “Na Pua Kea O Koʻolau Poko” in Kailua Oahu. Kumu pattye is a traditional Kumu Hula. This means she carries a hula lineage which is passed on to her students. Her kahiko (traditional style dance) teacher was Aunty Lani Kalama, also of Kailua. Aunty Lani’s teacher was the reknowned Lokalia Montgomery known as the “teacher of teachers”. Her ‘auana (modern style dance) teacher was Bella Richards of Kailua, O’ahu. Aunty Bella came from the Hilo tradition of ‘ai ha’a style dancing, characterized by a very deep bend of the knees. Our instruction is very specific and detailed.

[Instractor Kaunoeanuhea]
I learned Hula under Kumu Pattye about 14 years, and still training to be a Kumu Hula. My intention to teach Hula is let everybody know what is a Real Hula, and how fun to dance Hula. What I teach is all I carried from Kumu Pattye and that tradition was carried over 100 years. Hula is the dance gives women a real beauty, and release your heart. And that's what I believe.
Please come join us to enjoy Hula!
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That will include tradition info of our Hula, Mele, and Hula. Hula tradition is oftenly different as Halau. It is just because different Halau inherit different traditions. Hawai'i didn't have Charactor till the Missionary came, and every tradition was inferit by Verbal Communication. Also, Hula and Hawaiian culture was lost once because of Hawai'i Kindom Decision. Most of the important story was lost on that time.... Ancient Hawaii and Hula are still on the process of discover.
The things I teach at our class is what I learned from my Kumu "Pattye Kealohalani Wright", and what she learned from Kumu Lani Kalama, and Lokalia Montgomery.
Because of above reason, each Halau will teach little bit different story and history, and what I believe is everything's not wrong.
We inherit each tradition as we taught.... That's the beauty of Hula, too!
My Kumu always made sure that. Each year, specialists find out new truth regarding about Hawai'i and Hula. Those truth always makes us excited and would like to know more... Kumu Hula is the one who can teach what she taught by Kumu Nui and new truth togetger. Kumu Hula has to be great Chanter, Dancer, and Researcher. As one of the person charenges to be Kumu Hula, I would like to share what I have with everyone who have interest in Hula.
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